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Visionette Photos
A 24 Line Mechanical Television Kit
1928 Vintage Television Using Nipkow Disks With Synchronous Hysteresis Motors.
Built by Peter Yanczer
Closed Circuit, Live Action Direct view Camera.
Direct View Receiver with Magnifying Lens.
System Specifications:
(Closed Circuit camera and receiver)
Power input: 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Scanning disks: Aluminum, 8.25" diameter with spring coupling to the drive motor. The disk is equipped
with 24 round holes in a spiral that provides a .9" X .9" image. Scanning is from left to right and from top to
bottom of the image.

Scanning Format: 24 lines, 30 frames /second, progressive linear scanning. (25 frames /second on 50 Hz)...
(Note: An actual screen photo below)

Motor: 1800/1500 RPM, ball-bearing, split phase hysteresis synchronous.

Camera Light Requirement: Approximately 50 foot candles. A 150 watt reflector flood at 3 feet from a high
contrast subject is usually sufficient.

Camera output signal: 6 volts peak, positive going into 1k ohm. (white is more positive). Coaxial cable
coupling to receiver.

Image Lens: Pre-owned 135 mm/F:2.8, focussing mount 35mm camera lens.

Focus range:Approximately 2 to 4 feet.

Camera Amplifier:Dual operational amplifier with built in isolated, regulated power supply. Unbalanced
input, unbalanced output.

Camera Pick up Device: Large area silicon photo cell.

Receiver Light source:Orange, 8 LED hi-intensity array

Framing Device:Adjustable light source position and motor interrupt switch.

Image controls:Brightness and contrast.

Cabinet Dimensions:Camera (10"x 10.5"x 9"), Receiver (12.5"x 11"x 7")