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Picture Page
60 line lens disk receiver.
Built for Jack Davis, 1978.
Presently in the AWA
Museum, Bloomfield, NY
Peter Yanczer with a 45 line
Sanabria format camera,
Original Felix the Cat doll on a
turntable and a Visionette 24
line kit receiver.
Colour Bar Pattern,
Baird 15 line Serial #2
Television, "Visionette"
48 Line direct view camera
/ and viewing monitor
24 line image, from a
35mm slide. First system
built by Peter Yanczer
120 Line camera for the
Mirror Screw Built in 1997
By Peter Yanczer
Original J. L. Baird
"Televisor"(England, 1930)
30 lines, 12. 5 fps
Original Baird "Grid Cell"
Line photo, self-portrait)
Peter Yanczer (1980)
Yanczer, 32 lines, 15 FPS.
14 inch Diameter.
Synchronous motor drive.
Tekade,German (1934)