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Historic Photos
Historic Photos and Their Modern Counterparts
This photo is of Connie King, John Logie Baird's typist and
switchboard operator. Taken from a 30 line scanning disk on a Baird
Televisor in mid 1929. The original image was neon (orange) colored.
The scanning disk is rotating at 750 RPM and scans the subject in
the vertical direction. The image on the disk is approximately 1.5
inches high.
Another photo taken from a Baird Televisor. This one of A. F. Birch
was taken in September 1929.
This photo is of my daughter Kate Yanczer taken in 1985, from a 60
line Nipkow disk operating at 1200 RPM. The scanning disk was set
up for horizontal scanning. The original image was orange (neon)
colored and approximately 1.25 inches tall. The camera was of the
flying spot scanner type. Both the camera and receiver Nipkow disks
were 18 inches in diameter.
This 60 line photo was taken of a photograph, using the same
equipment as that described in the example above.
This 48 line image of a photograph was taken from an 16 inch
Nipkow disk receiver in 1982 that was built the previous year. The
camera was a direct view type with an 8 inch diameter disk
operating at 900 RPM.