Attention: Educators!  Teachers!  Schools!
If you have courses that include television in any manner consider the possibility of having a group of students actually develop and
construct an operating closed circuit, mechanical television camera and a receiver.  Some design work will be of 1929 vintage, such as
the Nipkow scanning discs while other parts will be of 1980 vintage operational amplifiers and even later.

This was recently successfully accomplished at M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a group of engineering students,
using materials supplied by me.  They began by purchasing a copy of my book:
Mechanics of Television and using it as a guide.

As a teaching tool, the work generated a high level of enthusiasm.  After developing and actually constructing a working system, the
students were fascinated when the parts moved slowly enough that they could see how the images were actually formed,

The course when on from there to cover more modern electronics and the students submitted a paper on their work.