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John Logie Baird
Some of the major accomplishments of John Logie Baird

  • First to demonstrate television showing outlines. (1923)First to
    demonstrate television of moving objects and image tones. (1926)
  • First to demonstrate infra-red television. (Noctovision, 1926).
  • First to record television signals on steel and wax disks. (1926/7).
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  • First to span 400 miles by land line, London-Glasgow, Scotland
  • First to demonstrate transatlantic television. (1928)
  • First to demonstrate full color television using 3 primary colors.
  • First to demonstrate stereoscopic television in 3 dimensions.
  • First to demonstrate large screen theater television, (1930)
  • First outside television broadcast of street scenes. (1931)
  • First outside television broadcast of a sporting event. (1931)
And the list goes on....
These are just some of the hi-points of John Baird's work. He exhibited genius qualities when it came to
developing new ideas about television. His work required skills in four areas of expertise, i.e. optics, mechanics,
electronics and fabrication. He excelled in the first two, for there he was at his best. For the electronics and
fabrication, he found others to help him whenever the need arose, however because of limited budgets, in the
early years he did build the equipment himself. John Baird was the best at what he was doing. In spite of his
chronic ill health and limited by his own finances much of the time, he was two steps ahead of the others most of
the time until the end of his life.
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